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Sam Smith "Fire On Fire" (cover w lyrics)

Upload : 21 Des 2018
Channel  : Mario Spinetti
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"Fire On Fire" is a new song by Sam Smith, featured in the Netflix series "Watership Down".

I hope you enjoy this acoustic cover!

With Love,

"Fire On Fire"

Don't say a word,
Still you take my breath,
You steal the things I know

There you go,
Saving me
From out of the crowd

Fire on fire
Would normally kill us,
But this much desire,
Together, we're winners

Say that we're out of control,
Some say we're sinners,
Don't let 'em ruin
Our beautiful rhythms,

'Cause when you unfold me,
You tell me you love me,
And you look in my eyes,

You are perfection,
My only direction
Fire on fire


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